May your heart grow & Your skin glow

What is a Rose Quartz Roller?
The Rose Quartz Roller is a skincare tool and facial massager, used since ancient Egyptian and Chinese civilizations as a powerful anti-aging tool.
What is the difference in the Jade Roller compared with the Rose Quartz Roller?
The Rose Quartz Roller is much more cooling and more durable compared with the Jade Roller. It is also the stone of unconditional love and has the ability to balance and heal the heart chakra, bringing more love into your life. Rose Quartz in particular can counteract inflammation and also has purifying properties.
What are the benefits of refrigerating my Rose Quartz Roller?
Refrigerating the Rose Quartz Roller for one hour can cool the stone so it can have a calming and anti-inflammatory action on your skin. We recommend placing it in the elegant black velvet pouch included in your gift set, and securing the cord.
Does using the Rose Quartz Roller help with increasing circulation and lymphatic drainage in my face?
Yes. This is a particularly important benefit of using the Rose Quartz Roller. Certified Lymphodema therapists recommend rolling the face from the center of the face in an outward direction. This stretches the facial skin in the direction of the lymph nodes in front of the ears. With increasing lymphatic drainage, toxins in the face and neck area are reduced, improving the health and texture of your skin.
Can using the Rose Quartz Roller help reduce under eye dark circles and puffiness?
Yes. The main way this works is my improving the lymphatic drainage. Roll from under the inner corner of the eye outwards with gentle and firm pressure.
Can the Rose Quartz Roller help improve my skin texture?
Yes, Rose Quartz is very cooling against the skin especially after being refrigerated.
This cooling action against the skin can reduce pore size and improve skin texture.
Can I increase the absorption of my facial serums and moisturisers using the roller?
Yes. Place your serums or moisturisers on your skin after cleansing, and roll from the centre of your face outwards in one direction for 5-10 strokes.
Will this help me with Sinus Pressure from Colds and Allergies?
Yes, many clients have noticed significant improvement with the use of our Rose Quartz Roller when used in two main areas,upper eyelid in eye socket area , and the side of the nose. Please refer to the illustrated instructions in How to Roll Page.
Can using my Rose Quartz Roller help reduce the tension and stress I hold in my face?
Yes. Often people subconsciously hold tension in their face. Using the Rose Quartz Roller is a wonderful way to release the tension and feel beautiful and relaxed.
What is the best way to care for my Rose Quartz Roller?
Our Imiglow Rose Quartz roller is 100% certified rose quartz. It is a fragile crystal so we recommend treating your roller with love and care.
We recommend simply wiping it with a damp cloth after use and storing it safe in your specially designed gift box.
When is the best time to use my Rose Quartz Roller?
We believe the best time is whenever you can incorporate it in your skincare routine.
It can be used in morning or night time . In the morning it can serve as a wonderful wake up routine to revitalize you for the day ahead. In the evening it is particularly relaxing and can be part of your winding down routine, perhaps have a cup of tea and create your personal spa session in the comfort of your home. We find this daily beauty ritual uplifting and calming, revitalizing your skin in the face and neck area.
Do I need a Gua Sha Tool as well?
We believe the Rose Quartz roller is much more gentle with its rounded edges, versatile and user friendly.
Will there be some variations with each Rose Quartz roller?
Yes, Rose Quartz is a natural stone so each roller may vary slightly in colour, adding to its unique beauty.

Enjoy this wonderful, natural beauty tool, that will revitalize your skin and give you a beautiful and youthful glow. May your heart grow & your skin glow.. 💖